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Max Makowski BISONTE Marco Da Silva Ferreira

MAX MAKOWSKI was born in Berlin in 1991, raised bilingually with German and Polish and speaks several more languages.

He will be joining Marco Da Silva's new creation CARCASS in Portugal starting in August (Premiere in Porto 21./22. October 2022)
Max joined Norway's National Dance Company Carte Blanche in Bergen in August 2020 until June 2022. Before Carte Blanche Max mostly toured internationally with Marco da Silva Ferreira's piece BROTHER and BISONTE, as well as Joshua Monten's piece Romeo, Romeo, Romeo and US/TWO by Sita Ostheimer.
Alongside his career in contemporary dance he has been pursuing Tango Argentino for several years now and is at the beginning of a promising career in Flamenco.




Max joined Hofesh Shechter's Junior Company in 2015 before finishing his degree, and toured the triple bill deGeneration throughout Europe as well as being part of a creation with the Hofesh Shechter Company for the Royal Opera House, London for which he joined the restaging again in 2018 for Teatro Alla Scala in Milan. 

During the tours with Hofesh Shechter he gained teaching experience by teaching Hofesh workshops in several theaters.

In his teen years Max trained AiKiDo, did some ballroom and latin dance and gained experience in theater and acting through several productions in school as well as his mother's productions.


It wasn't until he finished school that he started to get in touch with contemporary dance at Dock11 and the 27Dance Monkeys Berlin where he unexpectedly found his passion and after a few months started studying dance at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main in 2012.


In line with his studies Max got to work with international choreographers such as Iván Pérez, Margerite Donlon, Riley Watts (The Forsythe Company), Lou Menghan (NDT), Dieter Heitkamp and worked on repertoire by William Forsythe and Yuval Pick.

Throughout several performances on Frankfurt’s stages he also had the opportunity to choreograph and show his own work and took part in cooperations with the university’s acting department as well as performance/installation projects in Berlin, London, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. 

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